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Ozempic and Risk of Stomach Paralysis

A new risk of Ozempic was disclosed when the FDA required new labeling to indicate a risk of blocked intestines. Some users have suffered from stomach paralysis.

If you are 75 years old or under, if you took Ozempic prior to September 22, 2023, and if you were diagnosed with gastroparesis, stomach paralysis, ileus, or intestinal blockage, and required medical treatment, you may have a claim. Call National Choice Lawyers to find out if you should pursue a claim.


Rolling Candies Recalled due to Choking Hazard

More than 70 million candies were recalled on October 5, 2023 due to a possible choking hazard. The candy has a small ball that can be put on the tongue to give a sour flavor. The recall came after a 7-year-old girl died after choking on the rolling ball.

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission urged consumers to stop using the candy immediately.

The candy was sold in stores and online from May 2022 to March 2023.

Chemical Hair Relaxers May Cause Cancer, Study Shows

Women who used hair straighteners and relaxers may have a higher risk of ovarian, endometrial or uterine cancer. The Sister Study, undertaken by the US National Institutes of Health, found women who used hair straightening or relaxing products were more than twice as likely to develop reproductive cancers. Women who used products more than 4 times annually were at a 2.5x greater risk.

Spraying hair relaxer

Image by FreePik

Merck's Gardasil vaccine under attack

Gardasil HPV Vaccine


Multiple claims against Merck for withholding information about the dangers of its Gardasil HPV vaccine have been consolidated in North Carolina under the Multi-District Litigation process.

Merck marketed Gardasil as a safe HPV vaccine when it allegedly knew the product exposed users to additional health risks.

The CDC has advised against using EzriCare Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Drops due to at least 50 infections across 11 states that have led to permanent vision loss, hospitalization, and death.

The eye drops are preservative-free, meaning they do not have ingredients to prevent bacterial growth.

Call National Choice Lawyers if you believe you've been injured by the use of these eye drops.

Artificial Tears eye lubricant
Dodge Magnum vehicle


Dodge has issued a "Do Not Drive" order for 2005 - 2010 Dodge Charger, Magnum, Challenger, and the Chrysler 300. The issue involves exploding Takata airbags that have already claimed the lives of two people.


Clorox has recalled 37 million bottles of Pine Sol products due to the possible presence of bacteria.

Pine Sol products may be contaminated with the Psuedomonas Aeruginosa bacteria, whcih can cause harm to immuno-compromised people or people with external medical devices. The bacteria could lead to serious infection that could require medical treatment.

Eight different Pine sol products have been affected by this recall.


Clorox recalls 37 million bottles of Pine-Sol that could contain bacteria | CNN Business

Pine Sol bottles
Dove shampoo bottles


Unilever has voluntarily recalled a number of its dry shampoo products due to high levels of Benzene, a known cancer-causing chemical.

The Benzene was found in the aerosol spray. Recalled products include dry shampoos from the brands Dove, Nexxus, Suave, TRESemmé and TIGI, which makes Rockaholic and Bed Head.

Exposure to high doses of benzene, orally or through the skin, can raise the risk of certain cancers, including leukemia, as well as anemia and other serious blood disorders. A complete list of the affected products produced prior to October 2021 and consumer UPC codes is provided below and can be found here.


The Camp Lejeune water contamination problem occurred at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, from 1953 to 1987.[1] During that time, United States Marine Corps (USMC) service members and their families living at the base bathed in and ingested tap water that was contaminated with harmful chemicals at concentrations from 240 to 3400 times levels permitted by safety standards. An undetermined number of former base residents later developed cancer or other ailments, which many blame on the contaminated drinking water.

Lawsuits now seek to compensate victims. Call National Choice Lawyers to find out if you are eligible.

Chemical Plant
Gas Station


LOS ANGELES (AP) (July 26, 2022) — A pickup truck crashed Tuesday into a Los Angeles gas station. knocking over a fuel pump and slightly injuring 11 people, including five children, the Fire Department reported.

The truck, which was towing a concrete pumping trailer, entered the station in the Panorama City neighborhood shortly before 5 p.m. and hit three cars, according to a Fire Department tweet.

STORY: Stamford Advocate


An Army veteran who claimed earplugs made by 3M caused him to suffer hearing damage was awarded $50 million by a federal jury Friday, the second-largest verdict related to the product, which has been the subject of hundreds of lawsuits.

The verdict was the seventh trial loss for 3M, the Saint Paul, Minnesota-based manufacturer. FOX Business has reached out to the company. 

"It is clear 3M’s defenses — whether in the courts, to investors, or the public — are unconvincing and without merit," the plaintiffs' lawyers said in a joint statement.

Lawyers for 3M said they were disappointed in the judgment and plan to appeal.


3M ear plugs

Sample of 3M Combat Arms Earplugs

Man on Motorcycle


The accident happened about 6:48 a.m. at Black Bart and Hank Monk avenues, the CHP said.

The motorcyclist, a 47-year-old South Lake Tahoe man on a 2009 Yamaha, was going north on Black Bart Avenue. The driver of a 2016 Toyota turned left onto Black Bart Avenue from Hank Monk Avenue and the motorcycle collided with the side of the Toyota.

The Yamaha driver was taken to Barton Memorial Hospital where he died. The 40-year-old Toyota driver was treated at Barton Memorial Hospital for minor injuries. The accident remains under investigation.

SEE; Motorcyclist dies after South Lake Tahoe collision (


JULY 19, 2022: US auto safety regulators are investigating a 2021 Tesla Model Y crash that killed a motorcyclist in California earlier this month, the latest in a broader examination of collisions suspected to involve the use of advanced driver-assistance systems.

The incident is the 47th since 2016 to be examined in the review by crash investigators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 38 of which involve a Tesla Inc. vehicle, the agency said Monday. A total of 18 fatalities have been linked to the crashes. Local media reported that the Tesla crash that killed a motorcyclist occurred July 7 near Los Angeles.


Tesla electric vehicle
Image by Michael Jin
Crashed car


JULY 4, 2022: A speeding motorist in a Ford Explorer lost control of his vehicle on Vanowen Street near Corbin in Los Angeles on July 4, 2022 and slammed into a pair of other cars. The impact of the collision caused all three occupants of the vehicle to be ejected; all were pronounced dead. A fourth occupant was wearing his seat belt; he was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

According to Los Angeles Police Department, a Ford Explorer was allegedly speeding 65 to 75 miles per hour on W. Vanowen Street heading towards Corbin Avenue when it ran into a speed dip and lost control.

Footage from the scene, which was obtained via home surveillance camera, shows the vehicle hurtling along before slamming into a pair of vehicles. 

LINK TO STORY: 3 dead, 7 others injured after multi-vehicle crash in Winnetka (



MAY 22, 2022: Since 1975, the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act has governed medical negligence claims and payouts. Presently, the maximum an injured party can recover for pain and suffering is $250,000. That will all change on January 1, 2023.
The new law will increase maximum payouts to $350,000 for injured parties and $500,000 for wrongful death. These maximums will increase every year for the next 10 years until the maximum injury payout for pain and suffering is $750,000 and the maximum wrongful death payout for pain and suffering is $1,000,000. Thereafter, the maximums will increase by 2% annually.
Further, an injured party will be able to collect the maximum from both a doctor and a medical facility, potentially increasing maximum recovery for medical malpractice injuries to $1,500,000 and the potential maximum recovery for wrongful death to $2,000,000.
An attorney's allowable fees have also been adjusted; we believe this new arrangement will spur settlements.


Car accidents are a serious problem in Los Angeles.  Hundreds of people in LA and LA County are killed every year in motor vehicle crashes.  Here are the most common causes of accidents:

  1. Driver Distraction: Distracted driving is quickly becoming the leading cause of car accidents.  Texting, talking on the phone, reaching into the passenger seat, or engaging in some other activity that take’s the driver’s attention away from the road is extremely dangerous and can be deadly.

  2. Excessive speed limits a driver’s ability to react to the cars around them and the road conditions, and it also increases the damage that can occur in a crash.

  3. Drugs and Alcohol: Driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol is a seriously dangerous situation.  These accidents are often catastrophic and in no way the fault of the other driver.

  4. Weather and Road Factors: Rain, wind, sleet, fog, and other conditions can impact the safety of motor vehicles on the road.  Every driver has a responsibility to adjust their operation accordingly to account for weather and road factors.

  5. Failure to Obey Signs and Lights: Stop signs and traffic lights are important indicators of the rules of the road.  Running lights and stop signs can cause serious accidents.

  6. Lane Changes: Highway lane changes often cause accidents when drivers do not look in their blind spot or cut off other drivers.

  7. Driver Inexperience: Whether a newly licensed driver, an unlicensed driver, or a driver who is new to their vehicle or the road, inexperience can often cause serious accidents.

  8. Tailgating: Following too closely is a common cause of car accidents.  All drivers are responsible for maintaining control of their vehicles, which includes keeping safe distance from the car in front of them.

  9. Turning Accidents: Making a turn, especially left hand turns into oncoming traffic, can be dangerous.  Right of way issues are common legal issues in car accident lawsuits.

  10. Vehicle Defects: Issues with brakes, tires, and steering are common causes of accidents.

  11. Driver Fatigue: Being tired or falling asleep at the wheel can cause serious collisions, particularly head-on collisions and wrong-way collisions.

  12. Road Factors: Construction, potholes, or poor signage can also cause car accidents.

If you are the victim of a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, call our office today to schedule a free consultation.

Marina with boats


Many people think that a boat accident will be treated the same way as a car accident.  However, that is not the case.  Boat and watercraft accidents that occur on a major waterway or in the ocean are subject to maritime law, an entirely separate body of law.  Determining what laws apply to your case can have a major impact on your lawsuit.  They affect timelines to file your claim, amounts of damages you can claim, where to file your suit, and how to determine fault in your case.  The process of figuring out which laws apply to your suit is referred to as determining its jurisdiction.

You can still bring a personal injury lawsuit, but you will need an attorney who knows this area of law and how to handle complex issues involving questions of jurisdiction.   This can often be frustrating to a person who simply wants to file their claim and get compensation as soon as possible.  Another key issue in a boat or watercraft accident case will be insurance.  Boats are often required to have insurance policies that cover damage to the boat, and also cover personal injury on the boat or watercraft.  If the boat you were on did not have the insurance or did not have adequate insurance to compensate for your injuries, you may need to seek alternative sources of compensation.

Boat accidents can be every bit as serious as car accidents.  Just because you are surrounded by water does not mean that you are not exposed to serious crashes, slip and falls, and explosions.  However, the mere fact that you are on the water at the time of your accident will mean that you have a much more complicated case ahead of you.  If you were injured in a boat or watercraft accident, call National Choice Lawyers today to speak to our attorneys about filing a claim.

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