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107. Patient Injured in Fall in Medical Facility Settle Claim - April 2024

An elderly gentleman was being assisted to the washroom when he fell. The caretakers failed to ensure his safety, resulting in facial injuries and a broken toe. The facility agreed to settle the gentleman's claim.

106. Doctor Performs Wrong Procedure; Medical Device Gets Stuck; Patient Dies - March 2024

A doctor obtained the consent of a patient for one procedure, but performed a more invasive procedure using a complex medical device. During the procedure, the device got stuck in the patient's lower leg vein; attempts to retrieve it resulted in severe damage to the vein which ultimately caused the patient's death.

105. Wheelchair-Bound Woman Falls off Transport Van Ramp - March 2024

A patient was returning from a medical appointment when she and her wheelchair fell off the ramp at teh rear of the transport van. The driver failed to assist the woman as she existed the van, causing the incident. The woman suffered head injuries for which she received compensation from the transportation company.

104. Patient Suffers from Surgical Needle Left Inside Her Body - February 2024

A woman underwent surgery and later began to suffer abdominal pain. A surgical needle was discovered in her abdomen and could not be removed. The facility agreed to compensate the woman for her suffering.

103. San Diego Surgery Center's Mexican Surgeon Makes Error; Settlement Reached - February 2024

A woman seeking gastric surgery contracted with a San Diego company to have a surgical procedure performed in Mexico. She understood that the surgeon would be licensed in California. When the Mexican surgeon performed the wrong procedure, she sued and the company agreed to settle her claim.

102. Therapist Violates Patient Confidentiality; Six-figure Settlement Reached - January 2024

A woman was a long-time patient of a therapist. The therapist violated the confidentiality of the therapist-patient relationship, discussing her case with the woman's family members and causing the woman to become estranged from her daughter. This case was resolved after extended negotiation.


101. Hospital Fall Claim Settled - January 2024

A patient was admitted to a hospital with confusion. Despite being a fall risk, the bed rails were not put up, causing the patient to fall to the floor, suffering a serious head injury. The defendant hospital settled the claim to avoid a protracted trial.


100. Rear End Collision Results in Settlement - November 2023

A driver was rear ended and suffered serious injuries. He required surgery as a result. However, the responsible driver agreed to pay a settlement close to 6-figures to avoid trial.


99. Woman Burned by Ointment gets Settlement - September 2023

A woman went to a medical facility to get a biopsy done. While there, the nurse applied a topical ointment. However, the incorrect ointment was applied, causing the woman to suffer a chemical burn near her groin. After a lawsuit was filed, the facility accepted responsibility and paid a settlement to the woman.

98. Patient Suffers Burn after Ablation Treatment - August 2023

A woman suffered burns to her back after an ablation procedure. She went into the operating room without a burn, but came out with the burn, making it clear the burn occurred during her time in the operating room. The defendant agreed to a confidential settlement.

97. Medical Transport Van Driver's Negligence Causes Injury - August 2023

Our client was being transported by a medical transport service. The driver failed to strap our client in properly, causing our client to suffer injury as a result of negligent driving. Defendants agreed to pay a settlement.

96. Driver in Collision after Opposing Driver Runs Red Light - July 2023

Our client was traveling on the roadway and approached an intersection; the traffic light was green for our client. Another vehicle also approached the intersection, but failed to stop at the red light, colliding with our client's vehicle. Our client's claim was settled for $65,000.00.

95. Patient Falls from Operating Table, Six-figure Settlement - June 2023

A patient was asked to step off a high operating table onto a stool. As the patient stepped down, the stool slipped out from underneath the patient and he fell,suffering serious injuries to his knees. Per the medical instructions, the patient was only supposed to be placed on a low operating table.

94. Pharmacy Fails to Dispense Medication; Patient Suffers a Stroke - May 2023

An elderly patient needed a medication to combat his high blood pressure. The doctor prepared the prescription and sent it to the pharmacy; however, the pharmacy failed to fill the patient's prescription, despite repeated requests. As a result of the lack of medication, the patient suffered a stroke. After initially denying liability, the pharmacy agreed to a confidential settlement.

93. Woman Misdiagnosed; Given Wrong Medication - April 2023

A woman was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but she was suffering from hyperthyroidism. Due to the misdiagnosis, she received the wrong medication, causing significant pain, and bone loss which ultimately caused a fall. A six-figure settlement resolved the claim.

92. Settlement for Woman who Fell and Broke Her hip at Medical Facility - March 2023

A woman residing at a care facility fell multiple times; her last fall resulted in a broken hip that required emergency surgery. For good measure, she was also dropped in the ambulance on the way to the hospital! The claim was settled for a six-figure sum.

91. Fall in Bathroom at Kaiser Hospital Results in Settlement - February 2023

A patient was asked to walk around to see if she was stable enough to go home. She went to the restroom and promptly slipped and fell on a wet floor. No warning signs were posted. The patient suffered significant bruising and had to return to the hospital after having difficulty moving about her home.

90. Man Dies in Hospital Due to Overfeeding - January 2023

A man underwent surgery; the opiate medication made it difficult for him to have a bowel movement. The hospital continued feeding the patient, despite his family's growing concern about his bloated abdomen and inability to void. Four days after surgery, the patient passed away; an autopsy confirmed he died of asphyxiation after aspirating food into his lungs. The wrongful death claim was settled.

89. Delay in Treatment of Wrist Injury Causes Permanent Disability - January 2023

A man broke his wrist and went to a local Emergency Department for treatment. An x-ray was taken, but not read. After the man was discharged, the x-ray was read, noting a hamate fracture that required immediate attention. No one contacted the man until it was too late to treat his wrist injury properly. The facility agreed to a confidential settlement.

88. Woman is discharged While Still Under the Influence of Medication - December 2022

A woman underwent surgery and was almost immediately discharged. However, due to the excessive amount of morphine she was given, the woman overdosed at home; her daughter had to perform CPR until paramedics arrived. The hospital agreed to pay compensation for their error.

87. Woman Gets Wrong Medication; Claim Settled - December 2022

A woman received another patient's blood pressure medication, causing heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. The pharmacy agreed to a confidential settlement.

86. Man Gets Wrong Medication; Claim Settled - November 2022

A man received three prescriptions for medication. Unfortunately, two of the medications he received were incorrect and not intended for him. The medication error caused the gentleman to suffer dizziness, vertigo, and narcolepsy; he was also in two motor vehicle accidents due to the side effects of the incorrect medications provided to him.

85. Patient's Arm Caught in MRI Machine; Hospital Settles Claim - October 2022

A man had an MRI scan scheduled. As he was being loaded into the machine, his arm got caught in the MRI machine. Despite the patient's loud screams, the technician failed to stop the MRI. The incident caused severe stress on the patient's arm and shoulder joint and made it difficult for him to dress or take a shower.

84. Medication Error Results in Settlement - October 2022

A woman received the wrong medication from a pharmacy when the pharmacist dispensed a diabetic medication instead of the medication she had been prescribed. The medication made her nauseous and drowsy, and caused stomach pain, until the error was discovered. The pharmacy and pharmacist agreed to a settlement to resolve her claim.

83. Diagnostic Error Results in Payment of Settlement - October 2022

In 2019, claimant went to the hospital with complaints about a lump in her right breast. Unfortunately, the facility mixed up the location of the lump and only claimant's left breast was examined. Approximately 18 months later, claimant was diagnosed with breast cancer in her right breast. Imaging results confirmed that the cancer was from the original lump claimant had discovered in her right breast. The matter was settled confidentially.

82. Settlement after Surgical Wire Left in Throat - September 2022

A patient underwent a tracheotomy procedure; however, the patient complained repeatedly about something stuck in his throat. Eventually, it was determined that a surgical wire had been left behind; the case settled for an undisclosed sum.

81. Wheelchair-bound Man Injured by Falling Gutter - August 2022

A paralyzed man, who was wheelchair-bound, was exiting his rented home when a large portion of the rain gutter broke off and fell on his head and neck. The homeowner was aware of the decaying state of the rain gutters, but failed to take timely action to repair them. The claim was resolved for an undisclosed sum.

80. Woman Falls from Hospital Bed; Personal Injury Claim Settled - August 2022

A woman went for a colonoscopy. While on the hospital bed, the woman fell to the floor after the nurse left the bed rail down. She suffered back injuries and had trouble walking after the incident. Her claim was resolved after the facility offered a settlement.

79. Woman Compensated after Adverse Reaction to Vaccine - August 2022

Our client received a payment of almost $140,000 via the Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a program that compensates people who suffer injury or illness as a result of a vaccine. Our client received a Td and an MMR vaccine and subsequently began to suffer mobility issues and difficulty walking. After a long negotiation, a settlement was reached which compensated our client for her injuries.

78. Mediated Settlement After Semi-Truck Pulls Out in Front of Vehicle - July 2022

A man was seriously injured when a semi-truck pulled out of a driveway, entering the highway just in front of the man's vehicle. The vehicle collided with the driver's side of the truck, causing significant damage. The first mediation was unsuccessful, but after a second mediation, the case was settled for $500,000.00.

77. Settlement after Wild Transportation Ride Causes Injuries - July 2022

Our client, who was wheelchair-bound, was being transported to a medical appointment. However, she was not strapped securely in the van and when the driver began to drive erratically, she slipped off of her wheelchair. She received a settlement for her injuries.

76. Fall from Operating Table at Hospital Results in Settlement - June 2022

The patient was a fall risk and was supposed to be on a low operating table. However, he was placed on a high table and required a stool to get off the table. The nurse did not pay attention and the stool slipped out, causing the patient to fall and injure his knee.

75. Yet Another Hospital Ignores Signs of Testicular Torsion; 6-figure Settlement - June 2022

In what appears to be a common thread, yet another hospital ignored the signs of testicular torsion. Testicular torsion is a condition that requires immediate medical attention. He went to the hospital and they diagnosed him with testicular torsion. However, the facility was unable to treat him, so they arranged a transfer to another facility. The new facility simply changed the diagnosis from testicular torsion to an infection and sent him home. Three days later, he was back at the same hospital and they had to surgically remove his testicle, which could not be saved due to the delay.

74. Failure to Address High Blood Pressure Leads to Blindness; 6-figure Settlement - May 2022

Our client went to a doctor with complaints of a nose-bleed for several days. The doctor should have taken her blood pressure, but he did not. Had he done so, he would have been alerted to the fact our client needed immediate medical attention. The delay in treatment caused our client to lose sight in one eye.

73. Court Judgment for Man Wrongly Prescribed HIV Medication for Two Years - May 2022

A man went to a clinic because he thought he might have cancer. Without performing a proper examination, the doctor concluded the patient had HIV and began to prescribe HIV medication. Our client was ostracized by his family, who believed he had AIDS. The man himself had difficulty believing he was not HIV positive when he was finally so informed. The matter went to trial and the jury awarded our client $692,000.00 in damages.

72. Doctor Ends Woman’s Ability to Bear Children Performing Procedure without Consent - May 2022

Our client, a woman, was suffering from an ovarian cyst. She agreed to a procedure to remove the cyst. However, the doctor - without consent – performed a much more severe procedure, essentially destroying the lining of her uterus and ending her ability to bear children. The client was unaware of what the doctor had done and was devastated to learn she could no longer bear children. At mediation, the claim was resolved for a mid-6-figure sum.

71. Patient Dropped off Lift Causing Fall to Floor; Settlement over 6-figures - March 2022

A woman was a patient at a care facility. Two nurses came to assist her to transfer her from her bed to a wheelchair. They raised her quite high with the lift but did not have the wheelchair ready. While the nurses were distracted, our client fell from the lift to the floor, causing serious injuries. While the nurses sought to deny their responsibility, our client’s granddaughter was present and witnessed the entire event.

70. Cancer diagnosed as Hemorrhoids; Settlement Reached - January 2022

A young man was suffering from anal pain; for an extended period of time, he was diagnosed with hemorrhoids. It was later discovered that he had cancer. The misdiagnosis delayed the man's cancer treatment, resulting in a settlement.

69. High Fall-Risk Patient not Properly Assessed; Settlement After Fall From Bed - December 2021

Our client went to the hospital for treatment. He was a high fall risk, but his fall risk was not properly assessed by the facility. As a result, our client fell out of his bed when the bed rails were left down, causing injuries to his back.

68. Another Hospital Ignores Signs of Testicular Torsion; Pays Settlement - October 2021

Our client was a young man who began to suffer pain in his testicle. He went to the hospital, who diagnosed him with testicular torsion. However, the doctor erroneously concluded that the young man, a minor, was suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, despite the fact he denied being sexually active. A few days later, he returned to the hospital and had to undergo surgery to remove the affected testicle.

67. Hospital Ignores Signs of Testicular Torsion; Pays 6-figure Settlement - September 2021

Our client was driving to work when he felt a sharp pain in his testicle. He immediately went to the hospital to have it checked out. He was examined and informed that he was suffering from kidney stones. He was discharged with strong pain medication. The next day, our client returned to the hospital because his testicle had become much more swollen. He had to undergo immediate emergency surgery to try to save his testicle; the procedure was unsuccessful due to the delay in treatment.

66. Man Suffers Stroke After Chiropractic Manipulation; Case Settled - August 2021

A man went to a chiropractor for treatment; however, the treatment he received caused him to suffer a stroke. The chiropractor had used a power tool with a ball attached to provide treatment, rather than using an approved medical device.

65. Ear Injury Caused by Pressurized Ear Wash; Settlement Reached - August 2021

A man went to the hospital for treatment for his ear. He received this treatment regularly as a result of the nature of his employment. The nurse was told not to wash his ears with any pressure, but the nurse used a pressurized washer to clean his ear, causing injury to his ear drum.

64. Tool Breaks During Surgery; Surgeon's Failure to Remove Tool Results in Settlement - August 2021

Our client underwent a routine rotator and labrum repair on his shoulder. During the procedure, an anchor and the tool he was using to place it broke off. The tool and anchor parts were left in Plaintiff’s shoulder. The surgeon made no effort to retrieve the parts and failed to inform the patient about what had occurred. Patient had unexplained pain in his shoulder for an extended period of time until imaging showed the presence of the tool part and anchor lodged in his shoulder. Patient had to undergo further surgery to remove the items.

63. Older Surgeon Fails to Properly Perform Gastric Bypass Surgery; Case Settled - July 2021

An older surgeon (since retired) performed a gastric bypass procedure on our client. However, he failed to perform the procedure correctly, such that it could not be re-done, eliminating an option for our client to lose weight. After a long recovery process, our client was able to lose some weight, but his life was dramatically altered.

Note: We sued this surgeon twice before he retired.

62. Nurse Pretends to be Doctor; Negligently Prescribes Medication; 6-figure Settlement - July 2021

Our client had recently suffered a shoulder injury and had undergone shoulder surgery to repair the injury. As a result, he was prescribed opioid pain medication. The nurse, posing as a doctor, prescribed medication that was contra-indicated in patients taking opioid medications. After taking the medication, our client ended up in the hospital with a severe reaction to the combination of drugs. The nurse absconded to Guam, but we managed to find her and sue her for damages.

61. Settlement After Recovery Facility Overdoses Client - May 2021

Our client became concerned about his alcohol consumption and decided to voluntarily enter a recovery facility. While there, he was given various medications without proper oversight and eventually suffered an overdose of the medication, necessitating a stay in the hospital.

60. Fall in Store Parking Lot Causes Death to Handicapped Man; Settlement Reached - April 2021

An elderly handicapped gentleman fell in a poorly maintained parking lot. While there were handicapped parking spots near the entrance to the store, the area was pocked with potholes, making the area dangerous for people with mobility issues. The injuries from his fall would eventually lead to his death.

59. $100,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident - February 2021

Our client was traveling on the I-105 Freeway when she was struck from behind by another vehicle. The client underwent conservative physical therapy treatment, but when that did not relieve her pain, she underwent a series of epidural injections to try to obtain relief.

58. Mobility-Challenged Man Tossed onto Floor of Home - October 2020

A man, who suffered from general leg weakness and was limited in his mobility, was being transported from hospital to his home. When they arrived at the home, he was unable to negotiate the stairs. Two men from the transportation company carried him up the stairs, but then unceremoniously tossed him to the floor, causing serious injury. While the transportation employees denied having tossed him to the floor, the two employees’ stories were markedly different.

57. Surgeon Suffers Slip and Fall Injury in Operating Room - August 2020

Our client, a surgeon, was preparing himself for surgery. Unbeknown to him, the washing station was leaking, causing water to accumulate on the floor. After washing himself, the surgeon stepped away and slipped due to the water on the floor, striking his head and causing him to lose consciousness. The facility was aware of the leaking wash station, but had not taken any steps to have it repaired. The claim was settled for a substantial 6-figure sum.

56. Hospital Fakes Resuscitative Efforts to Fool Family Members; Substantial Settlement - June 2020

Our client’s husband underwent surgery to reduce his weight. During the procedure, the surgeon cut a major blood vessel, but failed to note it and also failed to repair it prior to completion of the surgery. While in the recovery room, the patient began to suffer from internal bleeding and began to lose a significant amount of blood. Efforts to stop the bleeding were delayed as hospital employees ignored the complaints of family members. Finally, the hospital placed her husband’s body on a gurney in an operating room, allowed his wife to enter, and then pretended to perform life-saving measures on her husband, who was already dead. Our client suffered extreme emotional distress as a result of seeing her husband splayed open on the operating table, and from seeing hospital personnel pretend to save him when he had already passed.

55. Woman Suffers Nerve Injury After Blood Draw; Settlement Sum Paid - April 2020

After having blood drawn, our client suffered a nerve injury to her arm. She suffered pain in her upper arm and her fingers went numb. Acupuncture was the only treatment that helped reduce her symptoms.

54. $600,000 Settlement for Man After Spinal Surgery Error - March 2020

Our client underwent spinal decompression surgery. However, the first procedure was not correctly performed, necessitating a second decompression surgery. Further, the client suffered a stroke during surgery, which went unnoticed by the medical team. The client suffered from leg numbness and had difficulty walking.

53. Large, 6-figure Settlement after Hospital Security Guard Stalks Man Visiting Ill Wife - January 2020

Our client’s wife was feeling unwell, so he took her to the hospital. The next day, he returned to visit his wife and discovered that she had not yet received any treatment. Her pain was so great that she wanted to die; this upset her husband, who demanded better treatment for his wife. As a result, he was asked to leave the hospital, which he did. However, a security guard followed him for almost a mile while he walked to his car. As he neared the parking lot, the security guard received a ride from a nurse, who drove him to where our client was located. The security guard then proceeded to pepper-spray our client in the face and, as he was disoriented and had his back turned, the security guard tackled him and threw him to the ground, causing injury. The entire event, including the stalking and assault by the security guard, was caught on city cameras located near the hospital.

52. Man Left to Bleed Out by Home-Care Nurse; Settlement Agreement - January 2020

Our client had surgery and required follow-up care for his surgical wounds. An In-Home Care nurse arrived to dress his wounds. Our client told the nurse to remove the gauze carefully because the gauze was stuck to the wound. Instead, the nurse simply tore off the gauze, causing significant, sudden blood loss. After failing to stop the bleeding, the nurse then left our client in front of his home, bleeding profusely. After driving approximately one mile, the nurse called 9-1-1 to report that she had seen 'a man bleeding on the street'. Our client was unconscious when he was found by paramedics, who rushed him to hospital.

51. Man Thrown from Wheelchair to Hospital Bed; Settlement Reached - May 2019

A patient was in the hospital for treatment for a back injury. Due to his injury, he had mobility and needed assistance transporting from his wheelchair to the hospital bed. A nurse placed a belt around his waist and then suddenly jerked him up onto the bed, causing the patient to suffer a neck injury that required immediate surgery.

50. Hospital Employees Hyper-Extend Patient's Arm; Settlement Reached - April 2019

Our client was a diabetic, a fact known to the hospital and the staff. His blood glucose dropped significantly and he became unresponsive. At the hospital, a hospital employee pulled our client's arm over his head and over the bed rail, causing a serious arm injury. The case was settled because there was no justification for the rough treatment our client received.

49. Settlement for Son of Woman Neglected by Medical Facility - March 2019

Our client took his mother to the hospital for treatment. While her symptoms suggested she required immediate surgery, the facility delayed surgery, causing her death. The facility allowed our client’s mother to sit in the waiting room in a chair, despite her condition, and never offered her a bed.

48. Over $100,000 for Woman Injured during Fat Sculpting Procedure - September 2018

Our client went to a medical center for a “freeze-the-fat” procedure. However, after the procedure, she was left with numbness and large, ring-shaped burns on her abdomen due to the negligence of the operator. She suffered depression and low self-esteem as a result of the disfigurement.

47. 6-figure Settlement for Woman Injured in Intersection Accident - April 2018

Our client was waiting at an intersection for the light to turn green. Once it did, she proceeded into the intersection. However, an opposing driver failed to stop and collided with her car in the intersection, causing serious injuries.

46. $450,000+ for Man Suffering from Urinary Problems due to Defective Medical Device - March 2018

Our client suffered from a constant need to urinate. In order to try to combat this issue, an electronic stimulator was implanted in his right buttock. Our client did not like how the device made him feel, so he asked to have the device removed. Instead of removing the device, the surgeon re-located the lead wires to the device and placed a second device in his left buttock. Plaintiff had never consented to a new device being implanted in his left buttock and did not consent to the ‘revision’ of the old device. National Choice Lawyers obtained a settlement from both the doctor and the product manufacturer.

45. $112,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident - February 2018

A mother and daughter were driving in Thousand Oaks, California when they were rear-ended by another vehicle which failed to stop. Both mother and daughter were compensated for their injuries.

44. Liposuction Procedure Not Performed Properly; 6-figure Settlement - December 2017

Our client had a liposuction procedure performed by a doctor did not follow proper protocols during the procedure. As a result of unsanitary conditions in the operating room, our client suffered severe wound infections which took over six months to heal and leaving her disfigured.

43. $775,000 Settlement for Truckers Injured in Accident - July 2017

Our clients were a husband-and-wife team that drove transport trucks around the United States. Unfortunately, another truck driver tried to make a right turn from the left lane and collided with our client’s truck, causing injury and damage. The other truck driver was wholly liable.

42. Pharmacy Dispenses Lithium Instead of a Stool Softener, Settlement Reached - July 2017

A man visiting his father in the hospital noticed his father was lethargic, incoherent and non-responsive. It was discovered that the pharmacy had dispensed Lithium (used for manic-depressive disorders) instead of a stool softener. The man's father took the Lithium for 4-5 days before the error was discovered.

41. Settlement for Widow of Patient Who Fell and Struck his Head, Causing Death - June 2017

The decedent was in the care of several doctors when he fell and struck his head, causing a subdural hematoma (“brain bleed”) which caused his death. We represented the decedent’s widow and obtained a confidential settlement to compensate her for the loss of her husband.

40. Injured Conventioneer gets $75,000 after Temporary Wall Strikes her Head - March 2017

Our client participated in a large convention at a Nevada convention center. Many temporary walls and dividers were set up in the convention center. While walking through the convention, a temporary wall came loose and fell, striking our client on the head and causing injuries. The convention center and the convention organizers accepted responsibility.

39. Client Obtains $80,000 Settlement in 3-car Rear-End Collision - March 2017

Our client was the front car of a 3-car rear-end collision. In heavy traffic, two other drivers operated their vehicle too close to others, making it impossible for them to stop in time. One vehicle collided with the other, which then struck our client’s vehicle.

38. $80,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement for Man Injured by Federal Vehicle - January 2017

Our client was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a person employed by the United States Department of Agriculture. We obtained a significant settlement for the injured driver. National Choice Lawyers is experienced in advancing claims against Federal government entities.

37. Nearly $100K for Trucker Jolted out of Bed by Collision

A trucker was sleeping in his cab when another truck driver caused his truck to collide with our client’s truck. Our client was thrown out of his bed as a result of the severity of the collision, causing injury.


36. 6-Figure Settlement after Paralyzed Woman Falls from Transportation Van

A woman who was wheelchair-bound needed transportation to her dialysis appointment. At the location, the van driver exited the van and opened the rear access doors. The driver raised the lift to enter the van, released the straps securing the woman’s wheelchair, and then lowered the lift to exit the van. After telling the woman, “Ok, we are ready to go,” the woman – who believed the lift had been raised – backed out of the van and fell to the ground, striking her head. The woman’s injuries eventually led to her death.

35. $500,000 Settlement for Cyclist Run Over by Commercial Truck

A man riding his bicycle on the roadway was run over by a commercial truck making a right turn. The man on the bicycle had the right of way but the truck driver failed to ensure it was safe to turn. The cyclist suffered a fractured pelvis, among other injuries, requiring emergency hospital treatment and follow-up care. The truck driver denied liability on the ground he had not seen the cyclist prior to the collision and that the cyclist had run into his truck instead. Attorneys working with National Choice Lawyers obtained a $500,000 settlement with the insurer for the commercial truck.

34. Auto Dealer Pays $80,000 Settlement in Demonstration Drive Accident

A man who had gone to an auto dealer to look for a new car was injured when the salesman crashed into a semi-truck and trailer during a demonstration drive. The man was a passenger in the vehicle and, during the demonstration drive, the salesman took a route not approved by his employer. The salesman operated the vehicle at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, causing the collision when he could not negotiate a curve in the road. The front passenger side of the vehicle struck the right front tire of the truck. The salesman’s employment was terminated and National Choice Lawyers attorneys negotiated an $80,000 settlement with the dealership as compensation for the man’s injuries.

33. Policy Limit Settlement for Cyclist Injured by Motor Vehicle

A cyclist was injured when a motorist leaving a parking lot failed to look both ways before entering the roadway. The cyclist tried to avoid the vehicle, but was unable to do so. In the collision, the cyclist suffered a leg injury. The driver of the vehicle denied a collision occurred, but an independent witness corroborated the events as described by the cyclist. National Choice Lawyers succeeded in obtaining a settlement for the cyclist at the policy limit of the motorist’s insurance contract.

32. Policy Limit Settlement for Pedestrian Injured by Motor Vehicle

A pedestrian was crossing the street when a motorist reversed her vehicle into traffic, striking the pedestrian. The motorist denied any collision had taken place and refused to accept responsibility. The pedestrian suffered knee injuries and was unable to work for a period of time. Attorneys working with National Choice Lawyers secured a settlement at the policy limit under the motorist’s insurance contract as compensation for the pedestrian’s medical expenses and injuries.

31. Car Owner Receives Compensation for Loss of Use of Vehicle Destroyed While Parked

A man's vehicle legally parked along the side of the road was totally destroyed when two passing motorists had an accident and then collided with the victim's parked car. Each driver blamed the other for the initial accident and the insurance companies for both motorists refused to compensate the victim for the value of his vehicle and loss of its use. National Choice Lawyers negotiated settlements from insurance companies for both of the drivers to compensate for the damage and loss suffered by the victim.

30. $20,000 Global Settlement on Statutory Minimum Insurance Policy

A woman injured in a motor vehicle accident received compensation equal to the policy limit for both bodily injury and property damage after another motorist rear-ended her vehicle on the freeway. The responsible motorist fled the scene and later reported his vehicle stolen. After further police investigation, the man admitted involvement in the accident, but denied he was responsible. On that basis, his insurance company denied the victim's claim for compensation. Details uncovered by National Choice Lawyers attorneys confirmed the accident occurred while the victim was fully within her own lane, proving that the responsible driver had made an unsafe lane change and collided with her vehicle. Strong advocacy by National Choice Lawyers attorneys resulted in payment of the full policy limit.

29. Trucker Responsible for Accident Caused by Failure to Signal Turn

The driver of a large commercial truck failed to signal his intention to turn right into a side street, causing an accident with another motorist. While the truck driver denied having failed to signal his intention to turn, independent witnesses interviewed by National Choice Lawyers attorneys corroborated the motorist’s claim that the truck driver had failed to use his turn signal and had turned without warning into the side street. The truck driver’s failure to signal his intention to turn was a violation of the California Vehicle Code which showed that the truck driver failed to act with due care. National Choice Lawyers obtained a settlement based on full liability on the part of the truck driver.

28. Elderly Disabled Woman Injured on Train Gets Settlement

An elderly and disabled woman was injured when a public transit train she boarded abruptly left the station before she was able to find a seat. Youths were occupying the seats reserved for the elderly and disabled, but the train conductor failed to follow the policy of the public transit authority that required him to ask the youths to vacate the seats so that the elderly woman could sit down. Given the elderly woman's physical condition, the train conductor also failed to ensure the woman was safely seated prior to leaving the station. The conductor had a clear view of the train car and could have prevented the incident if he had followed his employer's policies. National Choice Lawyers obtained a settlement from the public transit authority for the woman’s injuries.

27. Policy Limit for Man Injured in Freeway Accident

A man suffered significant injuries when another vehicle struck the side of his vehicle on the freeway, causing fractures in both legs. The injured man was rushed to hospital and underwent surgery on both legs. Thereafter, he spent time in a care home recovering from his injuries. Doctors provided their opinion that the victim required an estimated $350,000 in future care to fully resolve his leg injuries. Attorneys from National Choice Lawyers successfully negotiated a settlement which saw the responsible driver’s insurer pay the policy limit as compensation for his injuries and future care.

26. Man Sues Dealer for Defective Repairs after Own Vehicle Runs Him Over

A man injured when his own vehicle ran over him obtained a settlement from the dealer who was responsible for the maintenance of his vehicle. The vehicle’s stick shift was faulty, causing the transmission to remain engaged when it appeared the vehicle was set to ‘park.’ The victim alleged he had made prior complaints to the dealer regarding the faulty shifter, but proper repairs were not performed. When the victim stopped by the side of the roadway and exited his vehicle, the vehicle rolled forward and ran him over, causing significant injuries. National Choice Lawyers obtained a settlement from the dealer to compensate the victim for his injures.


25. Insurance Company Forced to Pay Compensation for Loss of Use of Vehicle

A man was injured in an accident and his vehicle was declared a total loss. As a result, the victim incurred towing, storage and rental car expenses while the responsible driver’s insurance company denied liability. After the insurance company admitted liability, they refused to pay full compensation to the victim for the expenses he incurred due to the loss of his vehicle. The insurance company claimed they were not responsible for the victim's expenses simply because they were not able to accept liability during their investigation. Through persistent negotiation, National Choice Lawyers attorneys were able to secure payment from the responsible driver’s insurance company to fully compensate the victim for his out-of-pocket expenses.

24. City Pays after Employee Truck Driver Strikes Vehicle While Turning

A motorist was waiting in heavy traffic when her vehicle was struck by a city truck attempting to make a turn. The driver initially denied having made contact with the victim’s vehicle, but damage to the victim’s vehicle confirmed the collision had occurred. Thereafter, the city denied the victim had been injured in the collision and declined to pay any compensation. National Choice Lawyers attorneys successfully negotiated a settlement with the city that compensated the victim for her property damage, medical expenses, inconvenience, and pain and suffering.

23. Cyclist Obtains Policy Limit Settlement after Being Struck by Inattentive Motorist

A cyclist was crossing an intersection on a green light when a woman in a motor vehicle ran the red light and struck the cyclist, causing a significant knee injury. The motorist denied she ran the red light and insisted that the cyclist was to blame. The motorist took the position that she would not pay any compensation to the cyclist. However, National Choice Lawyers successfully obtained a settlement with the insurance company at the policy limit of the motorist’s insurance coverage.

22. Victim Obtains Settlement despite Attempt by Responsible Driver to Limit Payment

A motorist was injured and his vehicle damaged when he was struck from behind by another motorist. The responsible driver offered to pay for repairs to the victim’s vehicle but also insisted the victim use a repair shop he had selected. In good faith, the victim took his vehicle to the body shop and permitted repairs to be made. However, the victim’s vehicle was not repaired properly and he received no compensation for his injuries. When the victim took action, the responsible driver claimed that the repairs to the victim’s vehicle amounted to full compensation. National Choice Lawyers obtained a further settlement from the responsible driver’s insurer for the additional damage to the vehicle and for the victim’s personal injuries.

21. Woman Injured in Major Bus Accident Obtains $400,000 Settlement

A woman was traveling on a bus from San Diego to Los Angeles when the bus slammed into a retaining wall along the freeway. Twenty-four people were injured; ten of them suffered serious injuries. The woman was flown by helicopter to the hospital due to the severity of her injuries. The woman, who was seated near the front of the bus, suffered facial lacerations, a torn shoulder, a back injury and a permanent wrist injury. Despite the large number of injured victims and limited insurance coverage to compensate all victims, National Choice Lawyers obtained a significant settlement of $400,000 to compensate the victim for her injuries.

20. Multi-Million Dollar Judgment for Man Injured When Motorist Unsafely Enters Roadway

A man was driving his vehicle on the roadway when a woman exiting a strip mall parking lot drove her vehicle directly in front of him, causing an unavoidable collision. The man’s vehicle was a total loss and he suffered permanent injuries which forced him into early retirement. The responsible driver and registered owner of her vehicle were uncooperative during litigation and sought to avoid liability. National Choice Lawyers attorneys obtained a judgment against the driver in excess of $3,000,000 to compensate the injured victim. National Choice Lawyers also negotiated a settlement with the woman’s employer.

19. Rental Car Company Pays Policy Limit after Renter Causes Accident and Flees

A woman rented a vehicle and later caused a car accident when she drove too fast to negotiate a turn in the road. She then fled the scene. Three people were injured in the collision and claimed compensation for their injuries. The woman later alleged that the rented vehicle had been stolen from in front of her home just prior to the accident, but her claims were inconsistent with other facts of the case. The rental car company also sued the woman for negligence, which supported the victims' claims against the rental car company. National Choice Lawyers successfully negotiated a policy limit settlement with the rental car company to compensate the victims for the negligence of the woman who rented their vehicle.

18. Settlement Obtained for Child Killed in Camping Trailer Flip-Over

A family went on holidays towing a camper trailer behind a large SUV. The father had made all the appropriate preparations for the holiday trip, including having an anti-sway device installed on the trailer. While on the freeway, the trailer began to sway violently which caused both the trailer and the tow vehicle to flip over. Sadly, a 3 year old child was ejected from the tow vehicle and killed instantly. The other occupants received relatively minor physical injuries, but suffered more traumatic psychological effects of the accident and its aftermath. The family sued the trailer manufacturer, the dealer that had recommended the anti-sway device, and the manufacturer of the anti-sway device. National Choice Lawyers mediated a settlement with the defendants to compensate the family for its loss.

17. Man and Spouse Obtain Compensation after Man Injured in Freeway Accident

A man suffered a significant back injury when the van he was driving was rear-ended by another vehicle on the freeway. The impact of the collision broke the driver's seat and the victim was thrown into the back of the van, where he was found unconscious by paramedics. Due to the severity of his injuries, the victim was unable to assist his spouse in the maintenance of the family home while he recovered. The man and his spouse commenced a lawsuit with the spouse claiming compensation for loss of consortium (a claim for damages sought to compensate a spouse for the loss of conjugal relations, including society, affection, and assistance, and impairment or loss of sexual relations between spouses that is caused by an injury suffered by the other spouse). National Choice Lawyers obtained a settlement for both the man and his spouse for the injuries and losses suffered.

16. Multi-Million-Dollar Judgment for Disabled Student Assaulted by Class-mate

A mentally-disabled high school student was sexually assaulted by a class-mate who led him off campus and took him to his home. The school was responsible for ensuring the disabled student got on the correct bus and was dropped off at a specific location close to his home. The school employees failed to monitor the disabled student’s whereabouts and allowed him to leave with the class-mate. A lawsuit filed by National Choice Lawyers resulted in a significant settlement from the school district and a multi-million dollar judgment against the perpetrator.

15. $50,000 for Dental Patient who Underwent Procedure ‘Doomed to Fail’

A dentist recommended an 11-unit bridge to a patient, knowing that the anchor teeth were already in poor condition due to periodontal disease. Within a short period of time, the bridge failed and the patient also had to have other teeth pulled. National Choice Lawyers aggressively pursued the dentist and obtained a $50,000 settlement for the patient.


14. Confidential Settlement for Failed Kidney Transplant

Client suffered from kidney failure. His spouse offered one of her kidneys for transplant purposes. The initial organ extraction was successful; however, the surgeon failed to ensure the kidney had an adequate blood supply when transplanted. As a result, the donated kidney died shortly after surgery and client had to have the kidney removed. Client spent many months on the kidney transplant list until a new kidney could be located. National Choice Lawyers obtained a confidential settlement from the doctor responsible for the surgery.

13. $30,000 Settlement for Woman who Slipped and Fell at National Chain Store

A client slipped and fell while shopping at a large national chain store. She suffered back injuries which limited her ability to conduct the activities of daily living. National Choice Lawyers obtained a $30,000 settlement for the client to compensate her for her injuries.

12. Confidential Settlement for Woman who Fell at National Chain Store

The client fell when she tripped in a hole in the concrete floor of a national chain store. The evidence showed the hole was located in a commonly traveled area of the store and had been there for some time. The hole in the floor was the direct cause of the woman’s fall and subsequent injuries. National Choice Lawyers obtained a confidential settlement to compensate the woman for her injuries.

11. European Bank Pays Large Settlement for Questionable Investment Advice

Three National Choice Lawyers clients invested in Danish mortgages at the recommendation of a senior account manager and an investment broker paid by the bank. The clients’ funds were supposed to be invested in secure, first mortgages, but instead, were invested in mortgages in inferior positions, leading to substantial, multi-million dollar losses. While the bank sought payment of several million dollars from the clients to offset losses, National Choice Lawyers negotiated a settlement which saw the bank pay a significant sum to all three clients as compensation for the bad investments.

10. Child Racing Go-Kart is Injured Due to Unsafe Condition of the Go-Kart

A minor child was injured when the go-kart he was riding crashed into a barrier. The go-kart and track did not have the proper protective pads and barriers mandated by the company who designed the track. National Choice Lawyers negotiated a confidential settlement to compensate the child for his injuries.

9. Compensation for Woman Attacked by Dog on HOA Grounds

National Choice Lawyers obtained a confidential settlement for a woman who was injured when she was attacked by a dog while getting her mail. The dog was owned by another HOA resident, but was allowed to run loose in contravention of HOA rules. The large dog jumped on the woman from behind while she had gathered her mail, throwing her to the ground. The dog owner presented a friend as a witness who provided contrary information, but her testimony was insufficient to prevent the payment of a settlement in favor of the injured woman.

8. Settlement for Woman who Received Wrong Medication

A client was given a prescription for a nicotine patch to help her stop smoking. Unfortunately, the pharmacy gave her hormone medication intended for another patient with the same last name. After using the wrong patch for a short period of time, the client began to have suicidal thoughts and voluntarily admitted herself into a psychiatric ward for her own health and safety. National Choice Lawyers successfully negotiated a confidential settlement to compensate the client for her injuries and suffering.

7. $27,000 Settlement for Woman who Received Wrong Dosage Instructions

A woman obtained a prescription for medication. However, the instructions advised her to take the medication four times per day, instead of one time per day for four days. As a result, she received a much higher dose of the medication than intended. National Choice Lawyers obtained a $27,000 settlement for the woman due to the medication mix-up.

6. Confidential Settlement for Man Left in Soiled Bedding at Hospital

A young man in medical distress was hospitalized. However, the sheets on his bed were not changed for about a week and the patient was left lying in urine-soiled bed sheets. As a result, he contracted a severe skin rash and required additional care. While the young man did recover, National Choice Lawyers obtained a confidential settlement for him due to the negligence of the hospital in providing care.

5. Failure to Diagnose Lung Cancer Results in Worker’s Compensation Award

The client, a man in his 50’s, worked in the radiology department at a local hospital. He was a former smoker, so he would get a chest x-ray annually and have it read by one of the radiologists in his department. The radiologist failed to detect the first indications of lung cancer and, when the lung cancer was eventually diagnosed, it was too late for treatment and the client passed away. National Choice Lawyers successfully negotiated a wrongful death settlement for the client’s family.

4. Six-Figure Judgment for Man Injured when Semi-Truck Makes Illegal U-Turn

A man driving down the road was unable to avoid a collision when a semi-truck made a U-turn directly in front of him. The man’s ability to continue working was affected due to his injuries. Attorney’s working with National Choice Lawyers obtained a six-figure judgment in the man’s favor to compensate him for his injuries and permanent limitations.

3. Six-Figure Settlement for Woman Harassed in the Workplace

A young woman working at a law firm in Los Angeles alleged sexual harassment by a senior partner in the firm and claimed the conduct of management created a toxic work environment. After National Choice Lawyers gathered evidence to support the woman’s allegations, the parties agreed to a six-figure settlement after mediation.

2. Six-Figure Arbitration Award Against Doctor who Removed Wrong Ovary

A woman was experiencing lower abdominal pain and, after examination, was told she needed to have her right ovary removed. During surgery, the doctor took out her left ovary instead of her right ovary. Due to continuing problems, the woman later had surgery to remove her right ovary, essentially castrating her. The doctor refused to accept responsibility, but National Choice Lawyers obtained a six-figure award for the woman and her husband for the negative effects of the doctor’s error.

1. National Choice Lawyers Successfully Defends Neighbor’s Easement Claim

National Choice Lawyers successfully defended a claim by the client’s neighbor that he had a right of easement over the client’s property. The client was forced to stop construction on an addition to his home while the litigation progressed. After a one-week trial, the court concluded that the easement claimed by the neighbor was unenforceable.

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