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National Choice Lawyers has been providing legal services for injured parties since 2006. Our firm focuses on medical negligence, motor vehicle accidents, and slip and fall incidents.

With respect to medical negligence, this type of claim is highly specialized and we do not recommend retaining any attorney who is not familiar with medical negligence claims. There are strict deadlines and specific obligations a claimant has and a failure to abide by these deadline and obligations can result in the loss of your claim.

Regarding motor vehicle accidents, recovery for significant injuries is predicated on the amount of insurance the responsible driver has to cover a claimant's injuries. Motor vehicle claims are often settled for the available insurance, but that can be as low as $15,000 in California.

As for slip and fall incidents, as long as the business/property owner has assets or insurance, recovery is possible. However, keep in mind that a business is not the insurer of your safety on their premises; the business has an obligation to make reasonable inspections and to deal with any dangerous conditions, but a business may not know about, or have time to clean up, a recent coffee spill, for example. Slip and fall or trip and fall cases can be very fact-specific.

National Choice Lawyers is usually retained on a contingency fee basis. That means the firm does not get paid a fee unless we collect something for the client. As a general rule, we do not ask for a retainer to be paid upfront.

The contingency fee for medical negligence claims is set by California law: 25% of recovery prior to filing suit, and 33% of recovery after a suit is filed. An attorney may also seeks a higher fee if he/she is required to proceed to trial.

For motor vehicle accidents and slip/trip and fall incidents, the fees are set by industry custom: 33 1/3% of recovery prior to suit, and 40% of recovery after suit is filed.

Legal costs are separate from legal fees and will be repaid from any sum recovered for the claimant.

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Let Us Help You

If you've been injured as a result of someone's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Don't delay; State or Federal law may restrict your right to sue.

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